June 24, 2011

How does the Really Really Free Market work?

  • Bring useful items (that you no longer need or want) to share freely with other members of your community.
  • Browse through the things others have brought and leave with what your family needs, regardless of whether you brought something or not.
  • You can choose to bring your talent and give something of yourself: music, poetry, storytelling, lessons.
  • Or bring your unique service or expertise to share with others: haircuts, painting, knitting, bicycle repairs, back rubs, etc.
  • How about a gift of food to share in a picnic lunch with other friends and families from your community.
  • Perhaps share surplus produce from your garden. 

Remember: The free market is intended as a way for families and individuals to obtain the things they need without having to buy them.  We ask that you take only what you have use for, so that others can have an opportunity to benefit from the market as well.

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