March 3, 2016

March 2016 Really Really Free Market is right around the corner

Sunday Mar 13th - join us in Teralta Park 11-2pm
This month we are pleased to announce that The Foundation for Wellness Professionals will be offering their free services to the San Diego Really Really Free Market providing free chair massages and health screenings for volunteers and event visitors.

For every donated service, the participant will complete a stress survey where they indicate any health concerns and areas of pain on the body.  

The Health Screening provided is called The Raglands Stress Test. It consists of doing two blood pressure readings and comparing both results to identify if there are any issues with the Adrenal Glands. This will help to see how stress may be affecting the body. 

Best of all they will provide a 10- 15 minute chair massages with one of their certified Massage Therapists. 

For more information about the local chapter you may visit their website:
ALSO, just like every market in 2015, we ask that you declutter your pantry and cupboards, and donate the food to our local chapter of FOOD NOT BOMBS.